Class Action Implementation Group, LLC (CAIG) does one thing - class action implementation - and because of that, we do the job better, and at lower cost.

CAIG is operated by Motti Bendet, who has over a decade of experience in financial matters, including FLSA overtime class actions and collective actions. Mr. Bendet formed CAIG in 2010 to administer claims processing for class action cases, mostly involving private overtime claims and Federal Sector Unions such as AFGE, NFFE and LIUNA. Since that time, CAIG has administered and is administering settlements all across the country amounting to over $55 million.

CAIG brings to your settlement a class action settlement fund administrator who is experienced with the practical and legal aspects of class actions but also has the insight to identify potential problems and recommend efficient and effective solutions. A successful settlement administrator needs to be trustworthy, efficient, responsible and responsive. CAIG is all of these and more.

CAIG is also less expensive than other companies offering similar services since it was created to handle claims for a specific area of law - FLSA and wage/hour class/collective actions - and therefore handles cases as efficiently and economically as possible. Our geographic location and low overhead also keep costs down.

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